Here are some common questions about Early Broncos and Krawlers Edge.


How much does shipping cost?

If you email us the following information, we would be happy to provide you with our most accurate shipping quote:

• Delivery address
• Classification of delivery address (residential or business)
• Do you have a fork truck available or will you need a lift gate service?

Does your family roll cage come welded together?


Can I purchase your family roll cage in pieces (i.e. not welded together)?


Does your family roll cage come powder coated?

We recommend shipping our Roll Cages bare metal to avoid damage to the power coat. We do provide a variety of powder coat options, but we can not guarantee that the finish will not be damaged during transport.

Can I customize the Krawlers Edge family roll cage?

No. We do not offer any modifications to the family roll cage; however, we would be happy to design a fully custom roll cage for your Early Bronco. Please call us to discuss your ideas and pricing.

Will you install my the Early Bronco Roll Cage?

Yes! The crew at Krawlers Edge would be happy to install your roll cage at our shop in Rockford, TN. Call us about our installation rate as all Early Broncos and all installation scenarios are different.

Will your family roll cage fit with a soft top? Hard top? Headliner?

Yes! Our family roll cage is designed to fit with all soft and hard tops – even with a headliner.

Do you offer a frame tie-in kit?

No, but we can provide extra plates for you to create your own tie-ins.

How is the fit and finish of your family roll cage?

Krawlers Edge family roll cages are designed in Solid Works and all tubing is CNC bent and laser notched for a precision fit.

What tubing is your family roll cages made from?

All tubing is 1-3/4″ .120-wall.

How are your roll cages constructed?

Our family roll cage is fully-jigged and MIG welded (nothing is left to a measurement) – ensuring consistency.

Early Bronco Frames

How much does a Krawlers Edge Early Bronco frame cost?

Stock OEM Replacement Frame: $3995
• add 1 or 2″ body lift +$250
• add bumper lift +$250

Will my factory tub fit your frame?

Yes! Even though all of our frames are 2″ wider than stock, your factory tub will still bolt right in. The only modification required is the removal of the e-brake cable on the bottom of your tub at the “c body mount” due to the added crossmember on our frame. Your stock e-brake cable will be reattached to this additional crossmember.

What about frame flex?

Krawlers Edge frames are built out of 2×4 3/16” wall rectangular tubing. We CNC mandrel bend our frames and add an additional cross member at the front bumper mount to eliminate steering box flex. We also add another crossmember at the “c body mount” to eliminate frame flex. An OEM frame had two cross members – ours has four.

Does a coyote engine fit your frame?

Yes! We design our frames to be 2″ wider (inside to inside of frame rails) than OEM.

With a Coyote swap, can I use my front drive accessories?

Yes! The extra width built into our frames allows you to run the Ford front drive accessories (A/C compressor and alternator).

Do I have to install a body lift if I do a Coyote swap?

A 1″ body lift is required, but we recommend a 2″ body lift.

What power steering pump should I use for my Coyote swap?

Krawlers Edge makes a power steering conversion kit that will mate with the Ford front drive accessory kit.


What does a chassis consist of?

A chassis includes the frame, suspension, axles, and brakes – completely assembled. Add wheels and tires to make this a rolling chassis.

How much does a chassis cost?

Our chassis are completely customizable and no two chassis are alike. Once we understand your needs we will be happy to provide you with a custom quote based on your options.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at info@krawlersedge.com or call us at 865-297-3478.


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